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  • Why is coaching worth the investment to reaching your results?
    Coaching will help take out all the guess work so you can train and eat the right way to reach your goals faster. You will learn all the misinformation surrounding the fitness industry to make sure you never waste time in the gym or kitchen again. You will learn the truth of what really works to get the results you desire. Not only will you receive a detailed custom workout program and meal plan. You will learn the WHY behind it. My programs have been implemented with a proven track record to getting my clients exceptional results.
  • Is your coaching for all ages and fitness levels?
    Yes, my programs are suitable for anybody! young or old, underweight or overweight, beginner or advanced. Programs are customized to the clients current fitness level and physical abilities.
  • How long into the coaching should I expect to see results?
    Everyone is little bit different due to genetics and start points. But pretty much most of my clients see results within the first few weeks. It all depends on your commitment and discipline that will speed up your progress.
  • How do you provide support or guidance if needed?
    You will have access to me 24/7 through text, weekly zoom or phone check ins, and one on one sessions to ask any questions you may have, while providing the best feedback possible. Constant communication is encouraged, ask me about anything so you can learn and get the best value.
  • How do you keep your clients motivated?
    Making sure you enjoy your meal plan and workout program is essential, we will update it, so things don’t get boring. You will break new records, while celebrating and learning to appreciate the process. I will always be checking in to make sure I can inspire you the best way possible. Remember you are not doing this alone, I will be by your side the whole way.
  • How do you help clients break their plateaus?
    We will implement proper progressive overload, use advanced hypertrophy techniques, review to adjust your diet, and keep you motivated with the right mindset.
  • Will you be able to give guidance on nutrition and deliver an enjoyable meal plan?
    Yes, you will learn and be given all the nutritional knowledge needed to have a healthy balance and relationship with food. A diet you enjoy is one you will keep for the rest of your life. You will learn how to be able to eat all the foods you love while still getting the results you desire.
  • What happens if I have dietary restrictions or preferences?
    Everything will be accounted for, and your meal plan will be specialized for you and your specifications.
  • What else can you teach your clients to help them with their goals?
    There are many lifestyles changes outside of the gym I can teach you to implement that can makes a drastic difference in your progress.
  • Are you Certified?
    Yes, I am a certified fitness coach, with years of experience. Learning from some of the best in the fitness industry to fuel my passion to deliver the best quality service has been shown in my client’s results.
  • How can I trust you?
    Here you will feel how much I care about you and your goals. I will believe in you in moments you won’t. I will be there to keep you accountable and stay on track. I can also connect you with previous clients who sent testimonials so you can hear about their own coaching experience.
  • What happens if my schedule changes due to unexpected events or vacations?
    That’s just how life is sometimes, you can always feel free to communicate it to me. And I will make the proper adjustments to fit your schedule.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Of course, if you are not satisfied with my coaching service within the first 30 days, I will offer a full refund.
  • When should I expect to receive my custom plan?
    Custom programs take a great amount of time, effort, and attention to detail to ensure you will reach your goals. You will receive your plans no more than 2 weeks after you send back the questionnaire.
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